753 Horizon Ct, Grand Junction, CO 81506 +1 (970) 245-9251


W.W. Peppers Restaurant was established in 1984 and has been a proud part of the Grand Valley community for over 30 years. Peppers has always been owned by the Chef and his wife. The two of them can be found in the restaurant making sure your experience is the best it can be. All dishes presented on the menu are original and created by the Chef. The menu changes throughout the year to keep our plates fresh and to introduce new menu items. Of course, this can cause problems when items are taken off and replaced by new ones. Customers are always asking for certain items to be brought back, alas if we kept everything the chef has created we would have an encyclopedia for a menu!


Our philosophy has always been to create something that you are not going to experience somewhere else. At W.W. Peppers, we strive to be worthy of your patronage by offering something you cannot recreate at home and provide you an atmosphere that enhances your dining experience. The Chef is the only one who creates and makes the myriad of sauces, salsas and dishes fresh every day, providing you with the consistency that you expect when you go out to eat. The beef we receive is aged additional time after we accept delivery and then cut by hand to create a quality steak for your enjoyment. We hope that by trying W.W. Peppers you will leave enhanced by the time you spent with us and join the groups of people that by word of mouth have spread the virtues of dining at W.W. Peppers. We look forward to seeing you soon.